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Health insurance in Slovakia is reimbursement of medical expenses in case of illness, injury, deterioration of health, chronic diseases, as well as during pregnancy, including at childbirth and care of newborns, children and adolescents.  

For your comfort the insurance companies, with which we cooperate, concluded contracts with almost all outpatient departments and hospitals in Slovakia.

We offer reliable companies, who have long record of service and advantages. For example, the insurance cover limit is about 60 000 EUR with possibility of subscribing to an insurance policy for a period of 36 months. A package often includes also emergency dental services with average limit of 100 EUR. Cost of the insurance in Slovakia depends on the country of visit, number of days of staying abroad and insurance programme.

In case of emergency, a telephone operator in Russian/Slovak/Czech/Polish/English will help you to deal with the situation and coordinate your actions.

An insurance package consists not only of compensation for expenses connected with medical services and medication within the insurance period, but also assisting clients in solving different issues:

  • assisting clients in routine issues;
  • comprehensive life insurance in Europe;
  • assistance in solving unforeseen medical problems;
  • legal support in legal issues arising due to the insured event. 

Dôvera – this health insurance is the largest insurance company of private health care in Slovakia. It works with all types of health care institutions, hospitals and laboratories. Apart from the services specified in the law, we also offer plenty of additional services and benefits.

AXA – health insurance in the EU for foreigners, applicable in the territory of the whole Schengen Area with the service available 24/7. AXA insurance covers emergency medical examinations and diagnostics, hospitalization, outpatient treatment medicines, transportation to healthcare facility.AXA Insurance Company

UNION – company offering the possibility of subscribing to commercial health insurance for foreigners living in Slovakia. The insurance is only valid in the territory of Slovakia. The Union insurance company concluded contracts with almost all outpatient departments and hospitals in Slovakia.Union Insurance Company

“Ilichyovskoe” Insurance Company – covers the expenses of the insured, to whom medical or other services were provided, due to sudden illness, accident or other unforeseen events, specified in the insurance programme.

Illichivske Insurance Company

Having chosen an insurance package, you fill in a form and send it to us. The insurance company will estimate the insurance cost (depends on health condition, age, bad habits) and sends a cheque. The contract can be executed for a period of several days (for example, only for a period of the trip) or several years.

Types of EU insurance

  1. General insurance;
  2. Labour insurance;
  3. Labour insurance (work connected with risk);
  4. Tourist insurance;
  5. Extended insurance;  
  6. Sport insurance;  
  7. Standard insurance;  
  8. Insurance for the period of pregnancy and childbirth;  
  9. Health and life insurance for students/small children/elderly people;

Travellers can also acquire different packages for insurance of personal belongings.

Terms of insurance: 

  • The insured can be residents and non-residents at the age from 1 to 75 years old.
  • Insurance coverage is valid throughout the world, except Ukraine and the country, the citizen of which the insured is.
  • Insurance for visa can cover a total limit of number of days of staying abroad during a year or travel time of one trip.
  • Franchise, which is not recoverable, is possible (up to 250 EUR or USD).

Insurance companies offer two ways of reimbursement of material expenses – service and compensation ones.

Upon the service reimbursement for treatment and delivery of health care to the insured, the insurance company pays to the health institution the expenses for treatment to the extent of insurance coverage. This option is the best for you, since it would be unreasonable to spend a few thousands on medical treatment when on vacation. In case of the second option, you pay all expenses connected with medical care yourself, and the insurance company pays compensation to you on your return home.

We take into account all your wishes and we’ll help you to select the best type of insurance for you and your family.