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Residence permit in Europe on the grounds of studies can be granted to any foreign citizen in Slovakia, regardless of age.

A temporary residence permit in the European Council for the purpose of studies in Slovakia can be granted to a foreigner, who is a student of a Slovak accredited educational institution. Such educational institutions include: secondary vocational school or gymnasium, higher education institution, preparation courses for entering higher education institutions, as well as participation within the framework of international agreements or training programmes (for example, Leonardo da Vinci II and Socrates II).

There are many advantages of obtaining residence permit in Slovakia. In particular, the possibility to stay for an unlimited period of time in the territory of the Schengen Area countries, as well as the possibility to get permanent residence and immigrate to the EU countries.

The decision on granting a residence permit on the grounds of study is made by the foreign police within 30 days from submitting the documents, that’s why study is the fastest way to settle in Slovakia. A residence permit on these grounds can be obtained for a period of up to 6 years. For this reason, residence permit for the purpose of study in Slovakia is of great interest for applicants from other countries. A foreigner is obliged to accomplish the purpose of residence permit and attend lectures and courses.

A significant benefit of this type of residence permit is that the law provides for the possibility of family members to get residence permit on the grounds of family reunification. This allows to submitdocuments for a husband or wife reunification as well as minor children.

Having obtained a residence permit in Slovakia for the purpose of study, it should be taken into account that in future, when intending to obtain permanent residency, the term of a student residence permit will be calculated on the basis of the following: 1 year of study equals to 6 months of staying in the country.

A residence permit in Slovakia is the opportunity to get good education in the European higher education institutions and diploma applicable in the territory of the EU countries as well as in many countries of the world.

For everyone, who wants to move to Slovakia, getting residence permit on the grounds of study can become a great start for business or work.

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