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When registering a company, sometimes an actual owner cannot run the company by himself, in this case a nominal director in Slovakia is recommended. Businessmen, who build business in several countries, create trade networks and international services are often interested in this.

Such businessmen don’t waste time on establishing new companies under jurisdiction of different countries – they become owners of ready-made companies with VAT, working assets (capital), perhaps even with foreign investments – and making such decision in future affects time frames for the implementation of a business plan and profitability.

Control and management of the company is carried out by means of a general power of attorney, signed by a nominal director and issued to an actual owner of the company or another person, authorized by him.

  • A nominal owner in Slovakia can draw up his statement of resignation with an open date, which can come into effect any moment, when an actual owner of the company decides to appoint himself or another person as a director.  
  • A nominal director in Europe is deprived of any, even theoretical, possibility to take advantage of his position, because only the actual owner has all information concerning the activity of the company, its financial standing and location of bank accounts.
  • Nominal directors in the EU can often be used when signing contracts, invoices and other documents.
  • Nominal owners and directors receive payment for the use of their names by the company and performance of certain duties. 
  • The names of owners/directors and their personal data are entered into the Register of companies and are, actually, publicly available. 
  • Nominal directors are not entitled to make decisions on the company management and are used only for the observance of confidentiality of owners.

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