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If you want to buy an established business in Slovakia, invest money, find a business partner or simply look about and get acquainted with interesting projects in Slovakia, don’t pass by this section! Perhaps, one of the projects is just what you have been looking for… Perhaps you have got something to offer us!

Our company is ready to offer you several investment projects in Europe, updated from time to time and containing the most relevant offers not only from Russian but Slovak entrepreneurs as well.

If you want to:

  • invest your capital in enterprises of industrial economics;
  • acquire readymade business;
  • find business partners;
  • get acquainted with interesting Slovak projects, don’t pass by this section.

You’ll have a real opportunity to find one of the suitable projects in any branch of economy. You can also propose your version of profitable investment of foreign capital (investments) in your business in Slovakia.

Investment projects in Slovakia


  1. We can consult you on the areas of business most suitable for you;
  2. Render assistance in the choice of sphere of activities and your future investments;
  3. Prepare the best business options that are currently relevant in the market;
  4. Provide the opportunity of viewing the suggested and chosen options of buying readymade business;
  5. Accompany you at the meetings and provide our cars for the trips;
  6. Offer services for legal support of transactions connected with the purchase of readymade business in the EU. These include, first of all, preparing a sales and purchase agreement and other types of documents that will enable transferring the right to use or buying the chosen business.

Cost of the services offered by us


In case of the sale of a company in Slovakia, the cost of services will include the cost of reregistering new directors of the company and transferring shares to new founders (introduction of alteration into the Trade register). The cost of our services does not include the company audit, since it depends on its property, history and number of employees.

We can also help to sell a ready-made company with history or buy a foreign company (British, Bulgarian) with different VAT numbers.

The territory, in which we offer our services


We can offer a variety of business options: from simple and cheap to more expensive and complex, not only in Slovakia but in Europe as well.

Sale of readymade business in Slovakia


  1. Consultation on the most suitable area of business. Assistance in choosing the field of activity and future investment.
  2. Preparing the most suitable options of readymade business in Slovakia that is currently in the market. Maximum number of proposals: 10 options. However, we can offer only one option, which is currently in the market, if there are no other decent options at the moment.
  3. Viewing the suggested and chosen options of buying readymade business. Support at the meetings and trips using our car.
  4. Legal support of the transaction of buying readymade business: drawing up the sales and purchase agreement and other documents required for the transfer of property or rights to use the selected business. In case of the sale of a company together with business, the cost includes the reregistration of new directors and transfer of a share or shares to a founder or founders (alteration in the Trade register).


In case of transfer of business without transfer of a legal entity, a company can be at the price indicated on the website, or sold as a ready-made company with history (cost depends on the history of a company).