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For those who want to acquire the EU citizenship, our company offers consultation on immigration to Slovakia. Emigration to Europe offers plenty of advantages, including a residence permit and further permanent residency in Europe.

Why Slovakia?

For those who wonder where it is easier to immigrate to in Europe, Slovakia is an ideal option. In 2004 this state joint the European Union and in 3 years signed the Schengen Agreement. Today moving to Slovakia allows receiving all existing social European guarantees and favourable conditions that would enable to invest money and do any business openly after that.

What are the advantages of living in Slovakia?

Taking into account the similarity of Slavonic cultures, those people who move to Slovakia, gain such essential advantages as:

  • easy to learn and understand the language;
  • high level of security (for example, you won’t find grating on windows here);
  • good prospects in obtaining the EU resident status;
  • great opportunity for children to study in the best universities of Europe and the world;
  • possibility to move freely in the territory of the Schengen Agreement countries;
  • possibility of unimpeded acquisition of residential or commercial property in the territory of the EU;
  • high level of ecological safety guaranteed by the state;
  • great opportunity to spend family vacation in modern ski resorts, cycling routes, parks and thermal springs;
  • loyalty of the state regarding residence permit acquisition.

Business immigration to Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the best European countries for emigration. Those who move to Slovakia to set up their business, gain such benefits as:

  • loyal terms from the state, namely low cost of the company maintenance, its fast registration within about 20 days;
  • possibility to use all benefits, granted by the state, in exchange for job creation and payment of taxes to the state;
  • buying and running a company in the territory of Europe, conducting business, without staying in the territory of Slovakia;
  • gaining the possibilities of entering European markets and attracting new partners;
  • duty free trade in all states of the European Union;
  • obtaining a residence permit quickly after establishing company in Slovakia;
  • protection of the capital that will be stored on the most reliable bank accounts and possibility to use favourable terms of different banking programs.

Advantages of contacting our company:

Contacting our company, you get:

  • proper consultation on how to immigrate to Europe, taking into account any personal preferences;
  • lawyer, accountant and real estate agent services;
  • complex document support during the whole procedure;

documents certifying temporary residence permit in Slovakia within contractual term.