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1. I am residing in Slovakia on the grounds of residence permit. I would like to get a mortgage credit. What should I do?

To obtain a mortgage credit having a temporary residence permit, the following requirements should be met:

– A firm owner should show a proof of last year’s firm income.

– You have been worked as a sole proprietor (živnostník) for at least one year and payed the taxes (you will have to show your tax return).

– You are employed officially, with the employment contract for an indefinite period of time, and you are already employed for at least 3 months.

– The term of your residence permit is more than 6 months.

– Different banks’ requirements concerning the client’s income level may vary. Your net income must meet your bank’s requirements.

2. Could my family apply for family reunion together with me?

Sure. If all the documents are timely prepared, your family could apply for family reunion simultaneously with you, while you are applying for residence permit on some other grounds.

3. Is the medical insurance a must?

Yes. Buying the medical insurance is a prerequisite, but you can choose the insurance company and insurance coverage on your own.

4. When should I come to Slovakia after obtaining a residence permit?

You must come to Slovakia within 180 days from the date of obtaining of your residence permit.

5. Could I reside in Slovakia after I have applied for permanent residence?

No, you can only reside in Slovakia on the grounds of visa or when there is the positive decision on the residence permit.

6. I am planning to apply for residence permit on the grounds of studies. Which courses are appropriate?

According to the law, in order to apply for residence permit on the grounds of studies, you must have the official confirmation that you are enrolled in a course of a state language school having the official accreditation.

7. Is it possible to change the grounds of residence permit?

Yes. You should submit a request for the change of the grounds of residence permit, but no later than in the last day of validity of your current residence permit.

8. I have residence permit. Does that mean I must reside in Slovakia?

Residence permit allows but does not commit you to reside in Slovakia.

9. Are there any mandatory actions after obtaining residence permit?

After obtaining a temporary residence permit, a foreign citizen must:
• come to Slovakia within 180 days from the issue date;
• inform the corresponding police department for foreign citizens affairs about the beginning of residence within 3 working days from the date of arrival to Slovakia;
• buy the medical insurance within 3 working days from the date of residence permit confirmation;
• submit the medical insurance confirmation document to the police department for foreign citizens affairs within 30 days from the date of obtaining of the residence permit;
• submit the medical conclusion acknowledging that the foreign citizen does not suffer from any diseases threatening public health to the police department for foreign citizens affairs within 30 days from the date of obtaining of the residence permit.

10. Could my children attend a kindergarten or school in Slovakia?

Sure, even in the middle of the school year. Your child will surely be admitted to school, while to a kindergarten — only in case there are vacant places. Education in Slovak is free. Children learn new language very quickly so that they begin to speak Slovak even sooner than adults.

11. My son studies and resides in Slovakia. Could I obtain residence permit on the grounds of family reunion?

A temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunion could be issued to a foreign citizen, a family member of a foreign citizen who has a temporary or permanent residence permit. A direct ascendant (spouse), child under 18 or dependent person in correspondence with international agreements can apply to family reunion.

By family member we mean:
• spouse if the spouses have reached the age of 18;
• single child (under 18 yrs) of a foreign citizen or his/her spouse;
• single dependent child of a foreign citizen or his/her spouse, if the child has already reached the age of 18 but is not able to take care of himself/herself by reason of unfavorable conditions over a long period of time;
• dependent parents of a child or the child’s spouse if they cannot obtain an appropriate family support in their home country.

Please contact us to get an advice on your issue.

12. Can I obtain Slovak citizenship on the grounds of marriage?

No. You will be given permanent residence for 5 years. After 4 years from the date of obtaining of 5-yrs permanent residence permit, you can apply to the permanent unlimited residence permit.

13. Can a legal person that is not registered in Slovakia be a co-founder of a LLC? If yes, how much time will take the procedure?

Yes. A legal person that is not registered in Slovakia could be a co-founder of a Slovak LLC firm. Introduction of a new founder or any other membership change is performed by application to making changes in the Business Register and takes about a week.
Our company can perform this procedure for you.

14. In which cases police can deprive me of my residence permit?

Foreign police authorities are entitled to deprive of a long-term visa for many reasons, such as:
• the grounds of residence are over (a contract, for example);
• fraud documents were submitted;
• checkup has shown that the fraud information was submitted by the applicant;
• participating in unlawful actions, institution of criminal proceedings against the applicant.

You can prolong the permanent residence permit within 90 days (but no later than 14 days) before its expiration date. Prolongation is impossible if you are even one day late.

15. Will I have a discount when buying a legal address for three years?

Yes, you can save on the legal address. Its cost could change every year depending on different factors, so you can purchase this service for three years at once, at the equal price for each year, and get a discount (percent) for the last year.

We always try to encourage our clients! You can participate in our loyalty program. We are focused on individual interests and possibilities of every and each client!

16. I would like to register only a legal address in Prague. Could I use only this specific service?

Today, you can easily purchase a legal address. However, it is important to be careful and competent in this question.

Our firm has been working at the market for many years. We can offer you several different variants, and you will purchase a legal address without any problems. In Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland this will cost you €250 per one year.

17. I am studying in Warsaw. I would like to buy an e-commerce shop in Czech Republic, could you help me?

Sure, our experts will help you to make such an agreement.

Please fill out the form at our site to find out if the agreement is possible and to learn more about the procedure, conditions, terms, and cost.

18. Should I register a firm or sole proprietorship to study in Prague?

No. There is no such grounds for studying in Czech Republic according to the legislation. Please contact us to learn about possibilities, rights and duties of students in Czech Republic, conditions and cost of accommodation, education system, specialties, higher education institutions, variants of admission, and visa system in more details.

Otherwise, if you are would like to open a business in Czech Republic, you can easily register a sole proprietorship, and we will gladly help you.

19. How long I can use services of nominal CEO in Czech Republic?

We offer you services of nominal CEO in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland.

The minimal period of the appointment of CEO is defined by client. In general, this period will be from 6 months to 1 year and can be prolonged.

20. I am going to buy a firm in Germany through you company. What if it will turned out to have debts?

Each contract is unique. Sometimes a small detail we missed can significantly affect the legal validity of the contract. To eliminate any doubts concerning the firm, you can be present at all stages of the contract support. Our experts perform a wide range of operations:

  • prepare and help to conclude the contract of intensions
  • perform the legal analysis of articles of association
  • checkup if the firm have any credits or debts
  • perform the financial reporting audit
  • make up the agreement of corporate rights purchase contract
  • negotiate with a lawyer of the opposite part concerning the conditions, rights and obligations
  • support the client
  • perform other services by agreement

You will be given the originals of all documents/certificates; this could be the financial statements after successful auditing, bank certificates etc.

We guarantee the lawfulness of every contract.

21. Can you audit a firm that I did not purchase through your company?

Sure. We are experienced in auditing for clients who perform the following activities (including but not limited to):

  • banking
  • leasing company
  • construction of buildings, roads, bridges
  • retail and wholesale of foodstuff, beauty products, clothes, building materials, household appliances etc.
  • travel agency and tour operator
  • garbage disposal
  • publishing house
  • ІТ
  • polyclinic
  • local government
  • housing governing bodies
  • charity funds
  • agricultural cooperatives

Prices and terms of auditing are individual and depend on many factors.

22. How can I hire an accountant for a firm?

Outsourcing seems to be the most appropriate variant: you do not waste your money on the accountant’s working place, special taxes, insurance, holiday pay.

You can order the full accountancy support for your business, including:

  • verbal or written advice in accordance with IFRS
  • making up the initial documentation
  • accounting renewal at any stage
  • analysis and auditing of accounting condition
  • accounting and tax reporting
  • reports preparation and submission
  • tax optimization, business inspection support

In case of outsourcing, we guarantee you the service in any time!

23. How to purchase a firm with history in Czech Republic?

Please fill out the form at our site, specifying your requirements; e.g. firm with turnover (specify the turnover amounts), with or without VAT, with or without license, desired registration year, place of registration or re-registration, activity categories.

You will be given a list of established firms with history for sale.

We also offer services concerning the activity categories change, nominal CEOs, etc.

Re-registration of firm is possible by power of attorney within 2 weeks.

24. How to pay for a firm in Poland if I live in Ukraine, and the bank requires the NBU permission?

Our company work with partner companies in Ukraine.

We also have accounts in Ukrainian banks.

We can send you the details of banks we are working with for many years, as well as contacts of our financial experts in Ukraine. Choose the most convenient bank.

25. How to purchase a firm with VAT in Slovakia?

There are the following established firms available:

  1. Firms with turnover and without VAT
  2. Firms with turnover and VAT
  3. “Clean” firms

Usually, an established firm is purchased already as the VAT payer, as it gives its advantages in case of international trade, for example.

VAT payer registration takes additional 30 to 60 days, so the established firm will save you about 2 months required for establishing a new firm and VAT payer registration.

Fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you.

26. How to purchase an established firm with CEO in Slovakia?

You can purchase an established company through our company. It takes about 3 weeks to register a new business, while re-registration of an established one takes no more than 10 days. Thus, buying an established company is the most profitable when you need a firm quickly. You can choose between firms with or without turnover, with or without VAT.

We also offer you services of nominal CEO. Names of owners or CEOs and their personal data are registered in the Register of companies and are generally accessible. Nominal CEOs have no powers to make management decisions; this position is only used for the owners confidentiality.

Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

27. How to start a business in the sphere of international transportation in Slovakia?

According to Slovakia legislation, you need to have transport license for freighting. Under the Road Transport Act, there is license of domestic operations (within Slovakia borders) and license of international operations that is valid for domestic ones as well. You can apply for a license for a 5-years term. The license is bound to the VIN. To have a right to operations within the EU, one should also obtain the EU permit at the Ministry of Transportation of Slovakia. Submit your international operations permit issued by the municipal transport department along with your application.

It may take up to 30 days to obtain the license for international operations as well as the EU permit. We can obtain both for you. We also offer staff recruiting for your company.

Fill out the form to obtain a detailed advice, and we will get in touch with you.

28. How to register a firm in Bratislava if I work and live in Kyiv?

  1. First, our expert advise you about the appropriate type of commercial company, activity categories, place of registration, obtaining a residence permit on the grounds of a firm registration in Slovakia, possibility of nominal director services etc.
  2. Then, a power of attorney in the name of our employee (attorney) in Slovakia is issued for company registration, opening a bank account, documents inquiring, and representing your interests. After that, we prepare all required documents for submission (your presence is not necessary at that stage).
  3. As an example, a LLC registration will take about 3 weeks.

29. How does the process of taxes payment look like?

You can get the details for taxes and duties payment at the tax police where you registered.

  1. You can pay in any bank subsidiary. You only have to provide evidence of your powers and give the required details.
  2. You can also use e-banking which simplifies the procedure and saves your time. This allows you to pay the required tax obligations right at your working place.

30. What is a procedure of voluntary withdrawal of CEO from a Slovak firm?

According to Slovak legislation, this question should be considered at the general meeting of founders where the majority is present (50% of votes).

CEO who made such a voluntary decision includes the question on the agenda.

The general meeting of founders makes a decision on the CEO substitution. The decision on the assignment of a new CEO should be made simultaneously, as CEO is the executive of any commercial organization. His competence differs from the competence of the general meeting of founders, therefore this position cannot remain vacant or be missing.

The decision of the general meeting of founders should be entered to the register for the purpose of information update. The banking establishment should be also informed about the CEO substitution.

31. Could a person without European citizenship be CEO of Slovak firm?

Under Slovak legislation, CEO could be a citizen of Slovakia, other EU or OECD member. Citizens of other countries could be assigned to a CEO position only if they have residence permit in Slovakia.

There are other grounds for residence permit besides business immigration, such as work activity (appropriate for CEO), studies at a higher education institution, family reunion.

There are no restrictions on the number of CEOs. We also offer services of nominal CEO. Get in touch with us to get the detailed information from our experts.

32. What is the best way to transfer funds from Ukraine to the firm account?

To transfer funds from Ukraine to the firm account, you should deposit the authorized capital in the bank before firm registering in the business register. First, you should come to Slovakia, sign the foundation agreement and other required documents. Then, on the grounds of the foundation agreement, you deposit the required amount in the bank account. We perform all other actions concerning registration by attorney.

33. Could several persons, citizens of Ukraine who are not Slovak citizens, found a firm in Slovakia?

Yes, there is such a procedure under legislation. LLC is one of the most popular forms of commercial organizations in Slovakia. Minimal authorized capital is €5000, and the minimal share of a member is €750. LLC contains no more than 50 members. If you need more members, you should register a legal person in the form of joint-stock company.
The CEO of a Slovak LLC could be citizen of Slovakia, other EU or OECD member. Citizens of other countries could be assigned to the CEO position if they have residence permit in Slovakia.
There are no restrictions on the number of CEOs.
Get in touch with us to obtain the detailed information from our experts.

34. I would like to get residence permit in Slovakia and Slovak citizenship later. What are the requirements to those who want to get permanent residence in Slovakia? How much time should one remain in the status of residence permit holder? Can I travel in EU and Shengen countries having that status? What are the requirements to the successful activity of a firm? Should I possess or rent accomodation? Did you previously assist in obtaining of permanent residence? Do you guarantee the result if my CV is positive and I have the sufficient confirmed amount on my accounts? Do they consider accounts in other EU countries? How much time will take the whole process? Did you previously assist in obtaining of citizenship on the grounds of outstanding service?

ПМП у Словаччині можна отримати 3 способами:
1. Безперервне проживання на території Словаччини з ПНП протягом 5 років
2. Одруження з громадянином/громадянкою Словаччини
3. Залежний прямий родич громадянина Словаччини у другому і третьому поколінні (батьки, діти)

ПМП Словаччини, як і внутрішній паспорт, має вигляд пластикової карти. Перше ПМП видається на 5 років, наступні без обмеження терміну дії.

Маючи посвідку на проживання у Словаччині, ви зможете відвідувати усі 24 країни Шенгена, а саме: Австрія, Бельгія, Угорщина, Греція, Данія, Німеччина, Ісландія, Іспанія, Італія, Латвія, Литва, Люксембург, Нідерланди, Норвегія, Мальта, Польща, Португалія, Словаччина, Словенія, Фінляндія, Франція, Чехія, Швеція та Естонія.

Для продовження ПНП у Словаччині потрібно, щоб фірма показувала мінімальний дохід у розмірі прожиткового мінімуму для кожного з директорів. Це не є проблемою навіть у випадку, якщо ви не збираєтесь займатися підприємницькою діяльністю.

Ви можете безперешкодно придбати житло навіть без ПНП. Вимог до житла немає — воно може бути як орендоване, так і власне. Якщо ви матимете власну квартиру, це буде безсуперечним плюсом для отримання ПНП, ПМП у Словаччині. До вартості збору документів на ПНП €499 входить і надання річного договору оренди.

Так, ми займалися організацією й отриманням ПМП у Словаччині. Гарантій бути не може, однак якщо ви не маєте судимостей, не порушували закон, покажете достатньо коштів на рахунку, фірма показує дохід, ви одружилися з громадянином/громадянкою Словаччини чи є закордонним словаком, то ймовірність отримання ПНП, ПМП у Словаччині наближається до 100%.

Кошти на рахунку можна показати у будь-якому банку, але краще у словацькому. Довіра до російських та українських банків не дуже висока, але довідки приймаються. Немає проблем з банками, що знаходяться у країнах ЄС.

Заява на ПМП у Словаччині розглядається поліцією протягом 90 днів.

Отримання громадянства у рамках «особливих заслуг», тобто в області науки, культури, спорту, економіки справді можливе. Чи є у вас можливість одержати відповідні документи? Якщо так, то ми без жодних проблем допоможемо вам з отриманням громадянства, збором усіх документів тощо.

35. I would like to get more information about mortgage lending in Slovakia: rate of interest, documents required, etc. I am the Ukrainian citizen. Can I get mortgage without residence permit?

Foreign citizens without residence permit can get mortgage in Slovakia.

Foreign citizens can get mortgage for no more than 20 years, under 70% of the property cost. Your application will be considered within 2 weeks. You can have an assessment of the credit terms in the form of certificate before you sign the agreement about future agreement with the current property owner.

The rate of interest depends on many criteria.
The following information is necessary to calculate the rate of interest:

  • Your net income (with documentary evidence)
  • Your family status
  • Net income of your spouse
  • Your age
  • Your monthly expenses (for information)
  • Number of adults in your family
  • Number of children and their age
  • Your education
  • How many years do you officially work in current company
  • Form of payroll payment (in cash or to the bank account)
  • Who pays for your mobile phone calls (you or your company)
  • Do you possess any other property
  • Do you have any other loans (if yes, please describe)

Documents required for mortgage:

  • Passport
  • Document confirming your registration or place of residence (lease agreement, any certificate from a public institution etc.)
  • Certificate of your salary amount issued on the bank form and signed by you employer (could be issued in English)
  • Printout from your bank account for the last 3 months
  • Work agreement
  • Agreement on future agreement (required for the purchase)
  • Property assessment

The documents package will be different if you are a firm manager.
All the documents could be in Slovak, English, or German. Documents in Russian or Ukrainian must be translated into one of the allowed languages.

As an example, if your salary is €2000 and your work in the current company for 2 years, you are 39 and you want to get a loan for 20 years, then your supposed rate of interest will be 6%.

Our company assists to get a mortgage credit to purchase our property.