For the implementation of business immigration to Slovakia, are required for this reason. For example, to register a company out there, the most popular option - sro (Ltd.) or open zivnost (entrepreneur). You can buy ready-made business or to organize everything from scratch. The fact that acting as a director of the company or engage in business activities in Slovakia can only foreigner having at least a residence permit. Therefore, the presence of these bases (sro, zivnost) allow apply for a residence permit. In Slovakia, the submission of documents for residence permit takes place immediately after registration. And while the principal applicant may apply, and all the members of his family (including dependent parents). The whole period from the decision to obtain a residence permit card takes 3 months.

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A residence permit in Slovakia on the basis of the firm, PE : 1800 €

What getting residence permit on the basis of the company, PE includes:

-preparation of the documents required for filing to the police;

-notarization of statutory documents of the company;

- government duty;

- opening of corporate and personal accounts;

- proof of address in Slovakia;

- accompaniment to the police for filing the documents for residence permit;

- accompaniment to the police after getting residence permit to get the card or to get the card by proxy;

- accompaniment to the hospital for medical examination;

- help with medical insurance policy;

- getting a receipt of a medical examination and the subsequent delivery of the conclusion to the police;

- translation of the certificate of good conduct into Slovakian by the accredited court interpreter;

- delivery of the confirmation about the medical insurance to the police;

- delivery of the extract from the Trade register to the police.

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