We offer you a number of invest projects which are periodically updated and contain both actual offers from Russian and Slovakian businessmen. In the case you want to buy a ready-made business, invest, find a business partner or just to orient and learn interesting projects in Slovakia-don’t pass by this chapter! Probably, one of the projects is the right thing you have been looking for… And probably, you have got something to offer us! The cost of intermediary services for the compilation of ready-made business is 5 % from the cost of the business and is not included into the cost of business indicated on the website.

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Selling ready-made business :

The list of services for sale ready-made business:


1. Consultation on the most appropriate area of business. Assistance in selecting areas of activity and future investment.

2. Preparation of the most appropriate options of business which are actual on the market. Maximum number of offers is 10 options. However, we can offer one option which is actual in the offer if there are no other more noteworthy option.

3. Viewing the options of a purchase of a ready-made business. Support meetings, ride on our car.

4. Legal support of ready-made business acquisition: preparation of the contract of sale and other documents required for transfer of property or rights to use the selected business. During the sale of the company together with the business the cost includes re-registration of new directors and transfer of the founders’ shares (a change in the Trade register).The price does not include audit firm which depends on the history of the firm, its property, the quantity of its staff, etc. The price of the audit is from 500-2000 euros. In the case of a transfer the company without reference to a legal entity-we could register the company on the price list indicated on our website (Standard packages, VIP, Exclusive) or sell ready-made company with its history (the price depends on the history of the company).

Our office is located in Bratislava and therefore the options of simple and not expensive business can be offered only in Bratislava and Bratislava region. When considering more complex and expensive project we can consider the whole Slovakia. During the trips around Slovakia in the case of expensive project the cost of petrol and amortization paid by our company. Our company will bear expenses with the possible accommodation of our staff in a hotel.

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