If you have got a residence permit in Slovakia you are entitled for family reunification. In this case your spouse and minor children (under 18) will obtain a residence permit the same period which your residence permit card is given for and will immigrate to Slovakia together with you. So, who exactly from the potential immigrants, linked by ties of kinship can apply for a residence permit on the bases of family reunification : A spouse not younger 18 years old; A minor child; A dependent child from 18-25 years old unable to take care of himself for health.

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Getting a residence permit on the basis of family reunification : 400 €

What is included in services for getting a residence permit on the basis of family reunification

-- preparation of the documents required for filing to the police;

- government duty;

- preparation of required documents;

- notarization of required documents;

-accompaniment to the police for filing the documents for residence permit;

- accompaniment to the police after getting residence permit to get a card or you can get the card by proxy;

-accompaniment to hospital for medical examination;

- assistance in obtaining health insurance;

- delivery of the confirmation of health insurance to the police;

- getting a receipt of the medical examination and the subsequent delivery of the conclusion to the police;

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