To get a residence permit for the purpose of study in Slovakia is possible for any foreign national regardless of age. Residence permit for the purpose of study in Slovakia can be granted to an alien who is a student of the Slovak educational institution with accreditation. Such educational institution can be : secondary vocational school or gymnasium; academy/college, preparatory courses for admission to Slovakian universities, courses of Slovakian language for aliens, and also participation in international agreements or training programmes (for instance, Leonardo da Vinci II and Socrates II) There are enough advantages in getting residence permit in Slovakia. Particularly, it is an opportunity to spend unlimited time on the territory of the Schengen area countries, and also it is an opportunity to get a permanent residence and immigrate to countries of the EU.

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Getting a residence permit on the basis of study : 350 €

The decision of getting residence permit on the basis of study is taken by the police for Foreigners for 30 days from the moment of the delivery of the documents and that is why studying is the fastest way to settle in Slovakia. On the basis of study you can get residence permit for 6 years.For this reason residence permit for the purpose for studying in Slovakia is very interesting for enrollees from other countries. An alien is obliged to fulfill the purpose of the residence permit and attend lectures and courses.In the presence of residence permit on the basis of study aliens have an opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activity, be a director of Ltd, and also register private enterprise. Also an alien can work without getting a permission to work till 10 hours a week.Very significant plus of the type of residence permit is that the law provides the opportunity for the members of a family to get a residence permit on the basis of reunification of family. This allows you to apply documents for reunification of spouse and also minor children.Having got residence permit in Slovakia for the purpose of study ,it should be considered that in the future with the intent to get a permanent residence, the term of student permit residence will be calculated based on the calculation: 1 year of studying is equal to 6 months of staying

in the country.For all the people willing to move to Slovakia getting residence permit on the basis of study can be a good start to begin an entrepreneurial activity or be employed. Having got residence permit for taking language courses, you can gradually study the economy situation in the country, choose a suitable niche for yourself and start to work or engage an entrepreneurial activity with the knowledge of the language and the understanding of the internal structure of Slovakia.

 For more detailed information about Slovakian institutes and Slovakian language courses you can find on our site in the section EDUCATION. The cost of services by ALLFIRMA company for the preparation in package of documents for getting residence permit and the client’s accompaniment is during the entire stage filing is 350 euros. The price of the package of filing documents for getting residence permit for the purpose of study includes:

getting a receipt of the medical examination and the subsequent delivery of the conclusion to the police;

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