The state language school in Bratislava is of accredited schools in Bratislava on the basis of its courses you can get a residence permit in Slovakia. Examination of documents to get a student residence permit takes one month. The school year starts in September and finishes at the end of June. It is divided into 2 terms-the first-from September and till the end of January, and the second-from February till the end of June. In July and August the school does not work because of holidays. The courses usually start in September but in the case of great interest there can be made a group in a new term in February.

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5 month courses of Slovakian language. : 300 €

The decision of getting residence permit on the basis of study is taken by the Aliens police within 30 days from the date of filing and therefore studying is the fastest way to settle in Slovakia. The residence permit on the basis can be got for the term of 6 years. That is why residence permit with the purpose of study in Slovakia is a very interesting proposal for candidates from other countries. The foreigner must fulfil the purpose of residence permit and attend the lectures and courses.

In the presence of residence permit on the basis of study aliens have an opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activity, be a director of Ltd, and also register private enterprise. Also an alien can work without getting a permission to work till 10 hours a week.The course is intensive. The lesson lasts for 45 min, twice a week. After a course of Slovakian language the school offers the Certificate of the completion of the level.

The part of the services for registration:-conduct of negotiations with the language school;

-the registration of the customers on the courses;

- payment of the courses;

-providing confirmation about the enrollment for courses.For more detailed information about services of residence permit you can get following the link Residence permit in Slovakia on the basis of study.

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