In Slovakia to get a residence permit on the basis of labour activity is possible for every foreigner, but because of 14 % of unemployment it can be done not in all directions. Work permit will be issued by the Bureau of Employment , Social Affairs and Family according to the employment contract and other additional documents. It is impossible to get a permission first and after that search a job; the permission will be provided at a predetermined work with a specific employer.

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Getting a residence permit on the basis of work : 750 €

What is included to get a permit residence on the basis of work:

- preparation of the documents required for filing to the police;

- post a labour exchange about vacancies;

- government duty;

- preparation of employment contract;

- opening a personal account;

- proof of the address in Slovakia;

-accompaniment to the police for filing the documents for residence permit;

- accompaniment to the police after getting residence permit to get a card or you can get the card by proxy;

-accompaniment to hospital for medical examination;

- getting a receipt of a medical examination and the subsequent delivery of the conclusion to the police;

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