Immigration to Slovakia

Convenient location Slovakia will allow you to quickly and easily reach any European country . The mild climate , good ecology , diversity of terrain , many mineral springs, monuments of architecture and history - all this creates excellent conditions for recreation . You will enjoy a combination of high quality and affordable cost of education for your children , as well as easy to learn language , will quickly adapt.

Individual (businessman) in Slovakia

An individual can carry out his activities on his own behalf and he does not need to create and register enterprise as opposed to a legal entity. The permission for private business allows to be engaged in construction , to represent beauty services, IT services, electronic commerce and many other kinds of small and medium businesses as well as in the countries of the CIS.

Selling ready-made business

We offer you a number of invest projects which are periodically updated and contain both actual offers from Russian and Slovakian businessmen. In the case you want to buy a ready-made business, invest, find a business partner or just to orient and learn interesting projects in Slovakia-don’t pass by this chapter! Probably, one of the projects is the right thing you have been looking for… And probably, you have got something to offer us! The cost of intermediary services for the compilation of ready-made business is 5 % from the cost of the business and is not included into the cost of business indicated on the website.

Real estate in Slovakia

Why is it so popular nowadays to buy real estate abroad? There are several objective reasons. Firstly, it is an opportunity to be the part of a new culture, history and traditions. Then buying a property in the country where you would like to spend much time can let you not only enjoy the beauty and the sights when it suits you but also learn the country, its people, the language and various cultural features of the place.

A residence permit in Slovakia on the basis of the firm, PE

For the implementation of business immigration to Slovakia, are required for this reason. For example, to register a company out there, the most popular option - sro (Ltd.) or open zivnost (entrepreneur). You can buy ready-made business or to organize everything from scratch. The fact that acting as a director of the company or engage in business activities in Slovakia can only foreigner having at least a residence permit. Therefore, the presence of these bases (sro, zivnost) allow apply for a residence permit. In Slovakia, the submission of documents for residence permit takes place immediately after registration. And while the principal applicant may apply, and all the members of his family (including dependent parents). The whole period from the decision to obtain a residence permit card takes 3 months.

Registration of a company in Slovakia (s.r.o.)

Our company provides services for design firms and the creation of companies in Slovakia. We provide a full package of services, which includes registration and re-registration of the company. Elimination of legal and natural persons who are employed in the territory of Europe, in countries that are part of the Schengen area, in central Europe and the Slovak Republic.

Getting a residence permit on the basis of work

In Slovakia to get a residence permit on the basis of labour activity is possible for every foreigner, but because of 14 % of unemployment it can be done not in all directions. Work permit will be issued by the Bureau of Employment , Social Affairs and Family according to the employment contract and other additional documents. It is impossible to get a permission first and after that search a job; the permission will be provided at a predetermined work with a specific employer.

Getting a residence permit on the basis of study

To get a residence permit for the purpose of study in Slovakia is possible for any foreign national regardless of age. Residence permit for the purpose of study in Slovakia can be granted to an alien who is a student of the Slovak educational institution with accreditation. Such educational institution can be : secondary vocational school or gymnasium; academy/college, preparatory courses for admission to Slovakian universities, courses of Slovakian language for aliens, and also participation in international agreements or training programmes (for instance, Leonardo da Vinci II and Socrates II) There are enough advantages in getting residence permit in Slovakia. Particularly, it is an opportunity to spend unlimited time on the territory of the Schengen area countries, and also it is an opportunity to get a permanent residence and immigrate to countries of the EU.

Getting a residence permit on the basis of family reunification

If you have got a residence permit in Slovakia you are entitled for family reunification. In this case your spouse and minor children (under 18) will obtain a residence permit the same period which your residence permit card is given for and will immigrate to Slovakia together with you. So, who exactly from the potential immigrants, linked by ties of kinship can apply for a residence permit on the bases of family reunification : A spouse not younger 18 years old; A minor child; A dependent child from 18-25 years old unable to take care of himself for health.

5 month courses of Slovakian language.

The state language school in Bratislava is of accredited schools in Bratislava on the basis of its courses you can get a residence permit in Slovakia. Examination of documents to get a student residence permit takes one month. The school year starts in September and finishes at the end of June. It is divided into 2 terms-the first-from September and till the end of January, and the second-from February till the end of June. In July and August the school does not work because of holidays. The courses usually start in September but in the case of great interest there can be made a group in a new term in February.

Intensive 5 month courses of Slovakian language.

The mainstream of the institute is a preparation of foreign students for studying in Slovakian institutions of higher education. 10-month intensive course of Slovakian language (Level A1) including the studying of profile subjects. For foreign citizens it is the first step for getting high education in Slovakia.